Friday, September 27, 2013

SO! this is the 2nd part to learning type! this is where ive put different and multiple quotes from gir around him for an artistic look. the top picture is a clearer version of what the text actually says and I also kinda like it cause you can almost see all of Gir in that picture too! the middle is the final form of my eddited picture and i made gir gold cause....why not? and then the bottom picture is the original from wich i started with!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dirt Bike Rider - February 2011 (UK)
The font used for the title is in Arial, bolded, and is the words "DIRTBIKE" in all caps. The size is 104pt and the words are schrunched together a bit too. The Title may be found at the top of the Magazine, and is the color white.

Top Stories:
 There are 5 top stories, The text is made from Arial, like the title, but this time in italics and bolded. This may be found on the sides, and bottom of the magezine, in a dark blue color at the size of 22pt.

Sub Stories:
There are 5 sub stories, just right under the Top Stories. Except they are in a light blue color, and at the size of 7 pt. However, the italic on this font is slanted slightly more than the previous fonts. It is made out of Ariel font.
Bruce willis + Minion = Brucinion?
SO! this is my "barbie" project. Honestly, it took me forever to even find the correct pictures that would work well enough together. I wanted to cross something with the minions from despicible me, and basicly any bald celebrity would have worked, however Bruce willis just so happened to be near the top of "bald celebrities" when typed into google. And besides! Bruce had a more recognizable face then most other bald celebrities.

Friday, September 20, 2013

sometimes......people who are given photoshop get a little carried away. This photo is just for kicks.

For this person, I took off all of the blemeshes that covered the cheek, smoothened out some wrinkles, and then I blurred the skin in general to make it seem a bit smoother. After that, there was a little bit of the face that looked a little "angular", so I smoothened that out a bit. Another change I made was the eye color. I changed it to a more greenish but ultimately brighter color to bring out the eyes just a bit more.

Before this unit, I had heard that photoshop artists had done a number on their models to make them look better before they put them on the front of magezines, but I didnt know it was THAT much work on them. Sometimes I think that too much photoshop is done to the person to make them look "pretty" it almost takes away from the original person and makes it too unbelievable, however there are also some people that look waaaaay better after they have been photoshopped. looking at current magezine photos, I can guess as to how much work they do on their models for that cover, but even though there may be techniques that I dont know how they did it, its still stunning just how much work goes into making someone look better.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This photo, is actually a very photoshopped photo. this girl has no freckles, the eye's were originally different, the skin is blurred to look more morphed and smoother. aaand basicly, its kinda impossible for some to look like this, juuuust like most magazine photos.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This is my quick little walk animation done by a little robot I made. Its played on a loop, so he will keep going and going and going and wont be gone like a duracell battery would, until you exit the page.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One of my favorite parts about this photo, is that its so fluffy! and that the fact I ended up mixing both the rhino and kitten together was actually accidental. I just wanted to see if it would work out okay, (with correct colors, or positioning or anything) then one step led to another and I got carried away and I like how it turned out!

This Is my Newimal called, a "B-owl"??
Im not exactly sure what is a good name for it, but it is a fearsome mix between a barn owl, and a polar bear. All I did was replace the head of the owl, apply a little bit of featherlike color to the bear and tada!

Monday, September 9, 2013

well, I had a few extra minutes on my hands, and thought I'd had a camera to the imaginary table.
This is the Banana shine project
This banana, as can be seen, is shining a relfection....on an imaginary table!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Here is my Colorize Photo, I wanted to do something I liked, and for some reason, this guy popped up as one of the first things for me to find, and he was also at least eligible when i made it black and white.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This is my "SplatPanda"
Where an animal is chosen to be mixed with some different colors, I like pandas, so therefore I chose to find an image of one.