Friday, August 30, 2013

The idea for this photo, actually took me a little while to come up with. However, the turtles show was always my favorite as a kid and I like pizza so my cartoon i wanted to be with was pretty much singled out pretty quickly. For the background, I just found a random pizza shop's interior and pasted all of the characters in there. The pizza box, is actually another photo that I had to find, so i tried to fit it in there as best I could. The main overlapping parts, are were I have a turtle (donetello) behind me, and two of the turtles on the left (michalangelo and Leonardo) are barely overlapping each other, lastly, the red turtle (raph) is also barely overlapping the pizza box. I thought about how I would be interacting with the turtles, and although I could have put myself in plenty of different situations with the turtles, I thought this would be the best. Me reaching for the pizza, whilst the turtles claim it as their own.
I will admit, the hardest part about This photo for me, was just finding the correct pictures!